Mission and Vision


iAM MUSIC Fest! celebrates and unites independent artists and community, reclaiming the spirit of collaboration. Our aim is to engage community, stimulate the local economy, encourage tourism, and showcase original music supporting local, regional, and touring musicians and artistic genres. All participants are encouraged to have roots in social justice, education, mentorship or a desire to strengthen the culture and community of the Southwest. Events will feature bands, visual and performing artists, and iAM MUSIC students, while establishing partnerships with local food, venues, and businesses.


Inspired by a collective of musicians and creatives dreaming to give back the power of music and art to the people, we consider artists of today social entrepreneurs; catalysts for the peaceful call to invoke love and global change, one festival at a time. iAM MUSIC Fest! was launched to bring world-class independent musicians, visual artists, performing artists, local eateries and businesses together for the purpose of sharing ideas, creating meaningful relationships & exchange, social activism through creative expression.  

Support our cause and join the movement!

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